Kelmarsh, Northampton,
Northants NN6 9LY

Kelmarsh, Northampton,
Northants NN6 9LY

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July 3, 2012

A renewable energy system being installed at Kelmarsh will source heat from the lake to help preserve the hall and its contents.

In order to cut the reliance on oil, the estate team explored the idea of renewable energy and a water source heat pump was found to be the best solution.

It has seen coils of pipe containing vegetable-based antifreeze submerged in the lake to the west of the hall. The pipes collect low-grade heat from the water and pump it to the hall, where it is compressed into a gas to heat the water system. The gas is then decompressed to return to the lake and so the system starts all over again.

Kelmarsh Hall is one of the first country houses in Northamptonshire to use this type of technology after teaming up with Ecovision Renewable Energy.

Kelmarsh’s Operations Manager, Des Brack, said: “The benefits are that it will cut our oil use by a minimum of 50% and it will allow us to heat the house at a level ideal for conservation in order to protect the material of the buildings and the chattels. It will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and it will cut our carbon footprint.”

The project has been supported by E-ON, the company behind the application for a wind farm on the estate. The new heating system is due to be up and running by mid-September and information about how it works will be available in the visitor centre.  

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