Kelmarsh, Northampton,
Northants NN6 9LY

Kelmarsh, Northampton,
Northants NN6 9LY

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Appeal for Image for our Laundry Restoration

October 19, 2016


Can you help with our project to open up the Laundry and ‘below stairs’ areas of Kelmarsh Hall?

We are currently searching for photographs and images to help us illustrate what life was like at Kelmarsh Hall.

Our Tunnelling through the Past is a project to preserve and open up to the public the laundry and the service rooms in the basement of Kelmarsh Hall. As part of the new exhibitions we are hoping to include pictures of people who worked at Kelmarsh Hall and what life was like ‘below stairs’. 

We are particularly interested in images of Kelmarsh dating from c.1864 - c.1950 and specifically:

  • People who worked in the house in the past (such as Butlers, House Stewards, Laundry Maids, Chauffeurs, Gardeners, Cooks.)
  • The laundry
  • The Butler’s quarters and images of ‘below stairs’
  • Parties and house guests

We require scanned images to a particular resolution so need the original to copy from. We will ensure that all original images are returned to you. If you would prefer to bring them in and take them away on the same day we can arrange this. We would also love to hear the stories behind the images. If you have no images but have memories you would like to share of Kelmarsh Hall please look out for our Memory Days happening soon.

 Background to the project

Thanks to a £1.3m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and support from other funding bodies restoration of parts of Kelmarsh Hall is now well underway and we are looking forward to being able to open the laundry and service rooms in the basement to the public in 2017. We are still fundraising for this project and any donations are gratefully received.

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